Stigma Rotary 5w EC Brushless MotorPlug is designed to fit the Amen, Prodigy and Beast machines.  The 5W EC features a brushless motor that allows a tenfold increase in the lifespan of the motor over standard motors.  This is due to standard ones utilizing brushes that get dirty over time, this ultimately leads to decreased performance, power fluctuations and malfunction.  With the new brushless technology, this MotorPlug is more durable and consistent as ever. It features both an RCA and clipcord connection, a rotatable motor to find that perfect angle for those contacts, and an EasyPlug system that allows for installment and removal in a snap. The MotorPlug can be bagged separately or with your Prodigy, Beast, or Amen machine to avoid cross-contamination. It comes preloaded with ball bearings and installed with a medium stroke excenter. To use with the Amen machine, replace the excenter with the hex spinner. This Stigma-Rotary 5w EC Brushless MotorPlug runs from 7 volts up to 15 volts. This 5w EC brush less Motor Plug uses a special customized motor that starts running at 7 Volts and has 600 RPM per Volt unloaded.


  • Weight: 66g
  • Swiss-made 5 watt Brushless Maxon motor
  • Rotatable for perfect angle
  • Pre-installed with medium (3.5mm) stroke excenter and ball bearings
  • 10x longer life span than standard motors
  • RCA and clip cord connections
  • Runs from 7 volts to 15 volts

Product Code: STG5WEC