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Scorpion Tattoo Tube with 1 1/5″ Grip

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Scorpion Tattoo tube with 1″ (25mm) soft grip.  Our signature Scorpion Tubes are engineered for maximum ink flow with a crystal clear medical grade 114r-111 resin tip.  Our Magnum/Flat tips feature side tabs that hold down and stabilize the needle where you need it most.  Sterilized with lot number, clearly visible sterilization indicator strip and expiry date for yours and your clients peace of mind.  Single-use sterilized disposable piece packaged in a sealed blister pack packaging.  Designed for the discerning tattoo artist that uses the best products to do his best work. 

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Weight 0.5 kg

1 Round Tip x20, 3 Round Tip x20, 5 Round Tip x20, 7 Round Tip x20, 9 Round Tip x20, 11 Round Tip x20, 13 Round Tip x20, 14 Round Tip x20, 15 Round Tip x20, 18 Round Tip x20, 5 Magnum Tip x20, 7 Magnum Tip x20, 9 Magnum Tip x20, 11 Magnum Tip x20, 13 Magnum Tip x20, 15 Magnum Tip x20, 3 Diamond Tip x20, 5 Diamond Tip x20, 7 Diamond Tip x20, 9 Diamond Tip x20, 11 Diamond Tip x20, 14 Diamond Tip x20


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