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Needle Runner, no more Rubber Bands! 100pk

$9.99 USD


Needle Runner is a revolutionary new product that replaces the need for a rubber band to run a tattoo machine.  By using the natural tensile force of the needle, the Needle Runner “runs” the needle properly through the tube with no friction and no reduced power, unlike rubber bands. Pack of 100 for $9.99! Product Code: NR

Needle Runners new patented product:

  • Makes using an elastic/rubber band a thing of the past.
  • Makes your machines run smoother and more consistent.
  • Greatly reduces friction and strain on your machines.
  • Severely reduces blood borne pathogens from the rear of your machine but we think the nicest thing is you won’t even know that you’re using them.

See the video!

Product Code: NR

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