Kuro Sumi Colors 16 Set Primary Kit 1, tattoo ink set comes with 16 vivid colors that will elevate your art in the asian style.

Set consists of Samurai White, White Rice Mixing, Double Sumi, Ninja Smoke, Brown Belt, Dragon’s Breath Red, Rising Sun Orange, Koi Yellow, Golden Yamabuki, Bamboo Green, Sukiyaki Silver, Tsunami Blue, O-Shane Blue, Magnolia Pink, Mt. Fuji Magenta, Shikon Purple

This unique ink utilizes the bold crisp character to give your tattoos life and dimension. From the unique hills of Japan comes the formula and ingredients for truly organic tattoo ink. Give your tattoos the ink they deserve. Made from the best stuff on earth and cultured to perfection. Kuro Sumi Colors are available in 59 ultra-concentrated colors.

Kuro Sumi Tattoo Inks are vegan friendly and animal cruelty-free.

Made in the United States and guaranteed authentic, we are an authorized distributor.