Introducing the Javelin Trident Pen, the most powerful & advanced smart pen in the tattoo industry.  The Javelin Trident is an adjustable stroke pen, capable of adjusting between 2.4 to 4.2mm stroke.  It is capable of doing lining and packing at 3.6 to 4.2mm stroke, shading and greywork at 2.4 to 3.3mm stroke, all in one magnificent tattoo pen.

Featuring an illuminated color TFT HD screen.  It comes with 2 1600 mAh batteries so you can charge 1 while you are working so you will always have wireless power on the go.  The battery features a magnetic connector so you can easily snap it off and on quickly.  In addition, it has an RCA connection piece for when you want to use a traditional power supply with it. You will never be stuck with no power using the Trident. The batteries are capable of 4-6 hours of work time.  Weighing in at 274 g / 9.5 oz.

The Trident is one of the only smart pens currently on the market.  It features 4 memory settings so you can set your liner, shader, black and grey and packer voltage settings.  It also has an intelligent billing feature that allows you bill by a hourly rate or minute rate.  The built in timer will allow you to time your sessions.  The timer can track total time or billing time.

The Trident is capable of jump start when you are using the RCA connection piece, this allows it to use power supply units that need to be jump started to run the pen.

The Trident uses standard size tattoo needle cartridges, so it can use all the different needle groupings from all brands.  Adjusting the stroke is as simple as turning the the pen, it features a locking click set turn so you don’t have to worry about it turning on you mid tattoo.  The adjustable depth will allow you to adjust the needle depth to up to 3.5mm depth.

The Javelin Trident is the ultimate tattoo pen featuring cutting-edge technology, flexibility and precision to take your tattoo artistry to new heights.