The Javelin Rotary Tattoo pen in Obsidian Black. The Javelin is a smooth running, sleek and rugged machine. The Javelin is capable of doing lining, shading, and BG work. It excels in shading and BG work. It has the versatility of the huge selection of different needle cartridges from bugpin liners, power liners, weaved/tight/power/curved/flat magnums, the sky is the limit on the kind of work you will be able to do.  Built with a 3.5mm stroke, it shades in tones and colors beautifully and effortlessly.  This piece features an 8500 RPM, 2.5 watt motor that is silky smooth with low vibration. It is ideal for producing detailed lining, intricate shading, and blending. Operating voltage of 1-12v.  You will need to use a power supply to run the Javelin, available on our website in the Javelin category.

The Javelin is capable of using most needle cartridges available on the market for the tattoo industry. However, for best performance, we recommend using Universal brand cartridges. Comes complete with connector cord to power supply and travel bag.


  • Fit most tattoo industry standard needle cartridges
  • Great for shading and BG workk
  • RPM: 9370 unloaded, and 8320 loaded
  • Adjustable Depth
  • 3.5mm stroke
  • 2.5 watt motor
  • Capable operating voltage from 1 to 12V
  • Capable of using 1 to 23 needle formation cartridges.
  • Comes in Smooth Silver, Obsidian Black, and Templar Red

Product Code: JAVTPXXX