The Nitro Pro Fox Red edition by Golden Tattoo Machine, can be used as liner, shader and color packer all in one. Its motor strength is so strong, it allows use up to a 50 Magnum needle. And to help with long hours, their lightest body frame made from AL 7075 aluminum, resulting in a 88 gram work machine. It is created for professional tattooists and has been specifically designed for works of great detail which demand a high level of sensibility. This machine is both a pleasure to hold and to work with.

The Nitro Pro Enya and the Fox are the newest addition to the Golden Family with a new level of the damping system exclusive to the Golden Brand, achieved through extensive laboratory studies and user feedback of the existing system, the Enya and the Fox exults in its liquid strokes, quiet hums, and usability. No adjustments are required.

Golden Machines have been the pride of Spain in the Tattoo Industry since 2006. In the last decade they have design and installed a 4.5 Watt Maxon Motor that does not require any adjustments, giving you fluid momentum in every session.

The Golden reputation have been built, on smooth precision paired with high performance. You can even experience their perfection from first usage to after healing.

All Golden Tattoo Machines are allocated a certificate and identification card after being tested by the technical department to ensure the machines meet their highest quality and standards.

Technical Specifications:

· Motor: 4.5 Maxon Motor ( Special Motor – Do not need any adjustments )
· Input Voltage: 0 – 13 volts DC
· Power Connections: RCA
· Rpm Range Stitches /Sec.: 0 – 9000 rpm
· Stroke Length: 3.6 mm
· Max. Needle Size: 50 Magnum
· Weight: 88 gr
· Body: 7075 Aeronautic Aluminum
· Maintenance: Lubricate the machine after every 100 hours.