The Diamond Shader by Golden Tattoo Machines, is made in Spain. This long awaited arrival has exceeded our expectations in every way. Nothing has been left to chance with the Diamond machine, even the finest details have been carefully calculated, resulting in unparalleled electromagnetic equilibrium, achieved through extensive laboratory studies and experienced practical knowledge of the existing systems. The Diamond Shader/Color Packer is a multi talented machine with quick precision that allows smooth consistency with every stroke. The design is unique to say the least, with custom made coils boasting impressive art work and eloquent symmetry installed on a polished gold galvanization coating metallic frame. This machine is both a pleasure to hold and to work with.

Golden Machines have been the pride of Spain in the Tattoo Industry since 2006. In the last decade they have design and perfected the electromagnetic cycle, a unique circuit system used in all of their coil machines.

The Golden reputation have been built, on smooth precision paired with high performance. You can even experience their perfection from first usage to after healing.

All Golden Tattoo Machines are come with a certificate and identification card after being tested by the technical department to ensure the machines meet their highest quality and standards.

Power Shader/Color Concept – Optimized Stability and Accuracy.

Technical Specifications:

– Shader/Color 10 Wraps;
– MS 58 Metallic Frame with Golden Galvanization Coating;
– Orion Springs;
– GoldenTattooMachine Exclusive Coils;
– Coil Core, Armature Bar and Yoke made of high quality iron;
– RCA and Clipcord Connections;
– Weight: 265 gr.

Product Code: GLDTMDIASHD10W