Dickie Golden’s Jesus Jensen Shader features a black frame with an intricate pattern of crosses cut out in it. This machine weighs in at 7.5 oz. This shader is capable of sleek impact and seamless gradient shading effects. And with the sturdy built, it is a piece meant for both performance and lasting impressions.

Made with 8 wrap coils and a suggested voltage range of 6-8v.

Dickie Golden tattoo machines are genuinely hand built pieces of art. From the industrial style finish to the sharp yet polished angles, you will love the effort, skill and strength of this build. For other builds by this great builder, see his Instagram Click Here

These machines are made by Michael Porsch of Coburg, Germany. A machinist and artist, his skills demand perfection and it shows in his craft. Just pickup one of his builds and you will see how well put together they are. Each style he builds is a limited run, which is why you will see different European tattoo supply sites with completely different looking frames and designs, yet they all bear his name. The few frame designs we have available may not be available again, ever. We only order a handful of each style per shipment. If any particular Dickie Golden tattoo machine catches your eye, consider getting it soon, it may never be available again.