Freeflow Tattoo tube with 1″ (25mm) silicone comfort grip.  Our newly developed Freeflow Tubes are designed to maximize the amount of ink flow by utilizing a mold injected smooth and clear plastic tip. Sterilized with lot number, clearly visible sterilization indicator strip and expiry date for yours and your client’s peace of mind.  Single-use sterilized disposable piece packaged in a sealed blister pack packaging.  Designed as a new breed of tube that allows for high-performance ink flow!

Product Info:

  • Single use sterilized disposable tattoo tube with 1″ Grip
  • Color: Black with Clear ABS Tip
  • Material: ABS plastic, Silicone
  • Built-in sterilization indicator strip
  • Blister packed with expiry date
  • RT = Round tip for Round Liners/Shaders
  • DT = Diamond tip for Round Liners/Shaders
  • FT = Flat/Magnum tip for Flats, Weaved and Stacked Magnums