The Bloodline 5 Color Set includes the following colors:
All Purpose Black – For outlining or shading, very dark and thin.
Carolina Blue – Perfect mid-tone blue, can be lightened with fast white.
Fast White – Lightening and brightening all Bloodline colors
Peru Red – Deep, brick red
Canary Yellow – Bright yellow pre mixed with 10% white, good for all styles that require bright yellow.

  • VIBRANT COLORS – Bloodline’s tattoo inks are bold, bright, and long-lasting
  • HEALS SMOOTH – Made with high dispersion product which applies effortlessly into the skin, making the tattooing process quick and easy and helping the application site heal smoothly
  • MIXABILITY – All Bloodline Tattoo Inks can be combined with other ink colors in order to create the exact shade needed to make each tattoo unique and special. Some popular mixing ink colors include All-Purpose Black, All-Purpose White, and Fast White
  • CRUELTY FREE – Bloodline Tattoo Inks is a cruelty-free and vegan company so you can use our products guilt-free. From manufacturing, mixing, and bottling all the way to shipping, everything is done in our clean room facility in the USA

Bloodline Tattoo Ink was founded in 1995 from old school origins with time tested, old fashioned methods.  The inks were originally made in small batch powders from milling of thick traditional grade pigments.  In 2000, the brand became known for creating one of the best UV inks available.  In 2010, the entire ink making process was revamped, introducing high performance dispersion inks that made bolder, brighter and more stable tattoo inks with minimal liquid to pigment separation.  This high performance tattoo ink is very easy to work in the skin for tattoo artists.  These products are cruelty-free, never tested on animals, vegan and covid safe.  Bloodline has built a reputation for being some of the brightest, fastest healing inks on the market today.

Bloodline Tattoo Ink is made from start to finish in Nevada, USA in a state of the art 4000 SF clean space.  Everything from mixing, pouring, bottling and labelling happens at this facility.  Safety is provided through the Heat induction sealed bottles insure sterility of the bottles.  Their experienced team has decades of ink mixing experience and it is subtly known that the makers of Bloodline used to help other large well known ink brands mix.

This selfless brand also hosts FOOD FOR LIFE events in the Philippines for the street children, where their team visits the impoverished areas of Manila and invite as many families as they can to join and get free meals at Joleebee and McDonalds, AMERICAN PRIDE AND EXCELLENCE, FAMILY OWNED AND OPERATED.