How to assemble the Stigma Amen rotary tattoo machine with the motor.  When we first got the new Amen, we were stumped on how to attach the motorplug.  Unlike the Prodigy or Beast it is not as simple as just plugging in the motorplug.  The new Amen comes with a 3.5mm 45% vs 55% All purpose stroker, a 3.0mm 50% vs 50% shader stroker and a 35% vs 65% liner stroker.

You can only run one stroker on the machine at a time.  If your motorplug has an excenter cam wheel on it, you will need to remove it and put on the hex spinner.  Please check out the video for how to properly assemble the unit.  In addition, our old post here explains more about the different strokers and how they are used.