Stigma Amen Rotary Tattoo Machine REd

The AMEN is the remarkable new tattoo machine designed by Stigma-Rotary®. The AMEN features a new hex drive system, which allows the artist to change between strokers to determine the cycle of the motor. This means the artist can choose exactly how long the needle spends up or down the tube through the duration of each cycle.

For example:

    • Black Stroker (Liner): 3.8mm Stroke Length – needle spends 35% out of the tube (in the skin) vs. 65% inside the tube. The following video will clearly demonstrate how each cycle is performed when using the Black Stroker. Please note that the shape of the Black Stroker has been modified in the video, to clearly demonstrate the motion that is happening on each cycle. The actual Black Stroker you receive with the machine is a different shape to this:

    • Gray Stroker (All-Purpose): 3.5mm Stroke Length – needle spends 45% out of the tube (in the skin) vs. 55% inside the tube.
    • Silver Stroker (Shader): 3.0mm Stroke Length – needle spends 50% out of the tube (in the skin) vs. 50% inside the tube. The following video will clearly demonstrate how each cycle is performed when using the Silver Stroker:

Finally, we can clearly see when put side by side how using the different strokers affects how the machine operates, performing optimally depending on your desired needs:

Please note, the three demonstration videos above have been slowed down in super slow motion to enable you to see how the stroker system is working per cycle depending on what stroker is attached to the machine.

The strokers are very easily interchangeable and to distinguish between them, they are colour coded and laser engraved with information.

The AMEN is fully adjustable and can be configured to hit soft or hard depending on your preference.

The AMEN comes pre-loaded with the black stroker, as the AMEN has been designed to line like no other machine, whether be rotary OR coil! However, using any of the other strokers makes it fit for all purposes. The AMEN comes complete with all 3 strokers included.

With the 3.8mm lining stroker and with the 3.5mm all-purpose stroker, the needles spend more time in the tube and less time in the skin, causing less trauma and effortless penetration. When the needles move down and up to penetrate the skin, they move faster than on standard rotaries.

The AMEN functions like a standard rotary when the 3.0mm shading stroker is installed. The shading stroker is recommended for shading. It has a 50% down stroke action and a 50% up stroke action, making it optimal for shading.

The AMEN remains compatible with existing MotorPlugs; you will just need to replace the stroke excenter with the new hex spinner (which is provided with all AMEN purchases). Again, this is changed within a matter of seconds using the allen key provided. On the AMEN, the stroke-length (hub) changes automatically in combination with the give adjustment and with the speed (volts):

  • When you increase the speed (by volts) you get longer strokes.
  • When you decrease the speed (by volts) you get shorter strokes.
  • When adjusted for lining you get shorter but harder strokes.
  • When adjusted for shading you get longer but softer strokes.

The AMEN body weighs in at just 48g before attaching a MotorPlug of your choice.

NB: Your 12 month manufacturer`s warranty is valid directly with Stigma-Rotary®. In the highly unlikely event that you experience a technical problem with your Stigma-Rotary® product as result of a verifiable manufacturing fault, please use the contact link at Stigma-Rotary® website, (see manual), or get in touch with us and we will give you instructions on how to contact Stigma-Rotary® directly to resolve your issue.

Please read the instruction manual carefully to operate your machine correctly and guarantee your manufacturer`s warranty. Excluded are wear parts caused by normal use. The motor is not covered by warranty because of the many factors and conditions a motor can be exposed to. Stigma-Rotary® guarantees a very high standard of production and quality control. All machines are tested before leaving the production plant, which ensures that no faulty machine would ever be delivered, therefore malfunction from the beginning can always be excluded.