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Tattoo Kit Refill Pack: Essentials Two

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Our Essentials Two Tattoo Kit Refill Pack contains all the tattoo supplies most commonly used up in a tattoo kit. This is a well planned package, the needles included are the most commonly used tattoo needle groupings. The pre sterilized needle & grip combo packs eliminate the fuss and possible cross contamination caused by fumbling around to slide the needle into the tube and then inserting into the machine. The Essentials Two tattoo kit refill pack comes with the following components:

* Radiant Colors 1/2 oz 7 Primary Set. Premium inks that fly right into the skin. 7 colors: Scarlett Red, Lemon Yellow, Medium Green, Navy Blue, Dark Brown, Tribal Black and Super White. Radiant Colors tattoo ink meet the standards of Health Canada’s Cosmetics Regulations.
* Tattoo needles, grip & tube combo packs: 3RLx5, 5RLx5, 7RLx5, 9RLx5, 7RSx5, 9RSx5, 7M1x5, 7M2x5, 9M2x5 & 9RMx5
* #9 ink cups (50 pack)
* #12 ink cups (50 pack)
* Rubber bands pack (50)
* O rings pack (100)
* Grommets Pack (100)
* black textured latex gloves (100)
* Transfer Paper (10)

Product code: TKPAK2

$39.99 USD

14 reviews for Tattoo Kit Refill Pack: Essentials Two

  1. :

    Hello Chad, our apologies for that, Some of the tattoo refill kits are from previous shipments that may have been sitting in our warehouse for extended periods of time. I will have our staff check our current stock of them. As for replacement of your expired needles, we’ll just need digital pictures of the ones that require replacing with non-expired. Please contact us via for instructions.

  2. :

    I have actually ordered this four or five times, and really don’t have any complaints. All I need do is email Richard, and he does his best to accommodate me with what I need! Such as nitrile gloves as I am allergic to latex. The customer service for Hildbrant is phenomenal. I have yet to have an issue with this website.

    The only problems I have had with this kit is the inconsistency with the materials. I have gotten two different types of stencil papers. One was great for hand stencils, the other made terrible ones, but works well if you have a copier. I have only received the one that made good hand stencils once. Every other time I received the former. I find the former is slightly less quality than the latter as the stencils went on dark, and stayed for an entire tattoo!

    Another inconsistency was that I have gotten all black grommets/elastics, and recently got multi coloured ones. My order from a few months ago I received rubber grommets that worked, but didnt hold onto the needlebar as well as I had hoped. The ones I received with my last order are great! As stated above it is probably just older kits sitting in the warehouse, but it is something worth looking into.

    These are, however, minor issues as I still used the grommets, and the multicoloured elastics are still usable. It’s just a personal preference. I would, and do recommend Hildbrant, and all it’s products, and support them 100%.

    Nikolas Crites
    UzumakiCORP.™ Tattoos

    • :

      Thanks for the honest review Nikolas! The transfer paper and the grommets/o rings issues we on occasion change suppliers as we do not produce those ourselves. However, I have talked to management about the issue and they said they are going to work on getting those supplies from one manufacturer only for all future assemblies.

  3. :

    When do you expect more of these in stock?

    • :

      These are going through an overhaul and will not be in stock until late next month.

  4. :

    Still overhauling these kit? Or are they no longer available? I would like to order a few of them.

    • :

      These kits are now available, we have the Essentials Two and the Essentials Three kits available now.

  5. :

    I just received my Essentials Two Tattoo Kit Refill Pack earlier than i expected. man was that fast!
    everything was there, all the expiry dates on the ink and sterilized items were very recent and new!
    I found no missed needles and they’re in great shape! I will definitely be ordering from Hildbrandt again.
    Much recomendation!!

  6. :

    Not a review but a question I wear a small glove and as you know too large of a glove will get in the way. what size are the gloves?

    • :

      These would be medium size gloves

  7. :

    I have a question pertaining to this and the smaller refill kit. I see that there are a total of 50 needles in groups of 5 listed in the description, do the tube/grip combos come with there own needles or are they simply the disposable tube/grips? Just wondering as i have seen the disposable tube/grips both with and without there own needles.
    PS: i received my first hildbrant machine/kit from you guys today and plan on doing more business with you guys. The gear is perfect for what i need as i have been working on my craft for little over a year now. The only thing that pisses me off is that i didnt get one of your kits from the start. Thanks: Dudley

    • :

      Hello there, yes the disposable tube/grips are paired up with the needles so the 50 needles in groups of 5 will have a matching tube each. Glad you like the Hildbrandt setup Dudley!

  8. :

    just curious,why do you not carry spaulding machines.get in touch later
    for another order.

    • :

      Hello Pete,

      Thank you for your inquiry. To be honest, we have not considered stocking these machines as of yet, but i will pass on your inquiry and perhaps in the future we may have them.

      Thank you

  9. :

    thanx for yourassistance and knowlegable staff!!!!

    • :

      Oh you are most welcome Pete. Please do feel free to contact us again if we can be of any assistance in the future.

      Happy Holidays!

  10. :

    Wow refill kit number 2 is so worth it u get so much
    Stuff for your cash i all so have a inkstar gun I love it and it took no time at all to come to me in Ontario Canada I am going to be a life long customer thanks hildbrandt keep up the good work

  11. :

    received refill#3 and all is well!just curious if I could choose my own
    premade needle combo and whats the deal
    THANX again

    • :


      Thank you for your inquiry. I do apologize Pete, but you will noticed that the refill kits come with needles prepackaged in the tubes already, now unfortunately the only pre packaged needle and tubes we have are in these kits, so we would not be able to allow customers to choose their own size, for we do not have other sizes we can provide, in the same packaging.

      Sorry about that.

      Thank you

  12. :

    I dont mean to be a pain in the ass,but can I change up some of the pre made needle combos .I mean can I substitute M1 or RM instead of M2
    once again only asking

    • :

      Hello Pete,

      Thank you for your inquiry, and i do appreciate your question, but i really do apologize. If we do have any that we can substitute for you we definitely would, but was previously mentioned, these are the only kits that have the prepackaged needles and tubes, and we do not have any extra sizes otherwise that we can substitute. Again, i am sorry, if we can we definitely will accommodate your request.

      Thank you

  13. 4 out of 5


    This kit is a great kit and has come in very handy. My only concern is that the black grommets are too small and require a paper towel scrap over top. Is it possible to use a beefier grommet?

    • :

      Hello Jacob,

      Thank you for your inquiry and im sorry to hear that the grommets are too small. The refill kits does come with standard size nipple grommets, if you do find them too small, we do have the donut shaped grommets as well. The kit you selected does come with generic size material for we cannot predict what each individual machines from all machine makers will need, but we do provide material that usually fits the broad range of tattoo machines. So if it is too small for your machine, we can definitely offer you the donut ones we have in house to trade.

      If you do wish to proceed with this, please do message us at the support email above and we will be happy to help.

      Thank you

  14. 5 out of 5


    Great supplies, everything i needed for a much better price thanbuying them individually. Sterilized and individually packaged just when i buy it in their boxes of 20s. The only problem. i have is that i have big hands and the gloves are maybe a large max, and when i asked no trades can be done on this kit which was a bummer. I still keep coming back for this kit though everything else is worth it, Especially the ink.

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