UV blacklight tattoos are getting popular now and not every artist is setup to do them properly.  Using a UV tattoo machine light for these kinds of work will be highly beneficial and a cheap alternative to fixing up an area with big blacklights in a dim setting.

UV angel tattoo

Traditionally, if you were to do one of these kinds of pieces, you would need a decent size ultraviolet light system and a dimmed room to be able to see the ink when it goes in.  With a machine light, you are focusing only on the area you are working on rather than the whole room.  This way, all you need is a slightly dimmed regular light source and let the focus of the UV machine light show where you are laying the ink.

Tattoo Machine Light UV

If you are looking for a safe ink to use for black light tattoos, we recommend trying out our MOM’s Nuclear Colors available in Afterglow Yellow, Atomic Green 1/2 oz, Blue Smoke, Invisible Fallout, Purple Haze, Radiant Pink, Raging Magenta, Red Dawn and Smoldering Orange.

UV blacklight tattoo ink set

These are available in either 1/2 oz or 2 oz sizes.  MOM’s Nuclear Colors have been widely used in the industry for years with a strong track record for safety.  As with any ink, always check with your client for any past allergic reactions as some colors may have pigments that will trigger allergic reactions.