During break today we decided to play around with the popular meme generators and had a good laugh. Here is the top 10 tattoo culture related (due to the content of our blog) we found most hilarious! A couple of them were thought up by Hildbrandt staffers!

tramp stamp

Number Ten goes to Real World Problems “Your tramp stamp, is trampier than my tramp stamp” girl.  Generated by Hildbrandt Staff!

seems legit tattoo parlour

Number nine goes to Shady Tattoo Parlour that “Seems legit….”

psycho girl tattoo

Number eight goes to psycho girl you’ve been “Dating for one week, gets a tattoo of your face on her arm.”

creepy guy tattoo

Number seven was a close one with eight, same concept, except this time it is creepy guy that says “Hey girl, I got your name tattooed on my arm and didn’t tell you until afterwards.”

neck tattoo meme

Number six, “A neck tattoo used to say, watch out motherfucker.  Now it says “I’d love to read you poems about my vegan bicycle.”

practicing tattoo few days

Number five is your buddy that is going to do your tattoo and tells you “Don’t worry, I been practicing, for a few days…”  This one was made by a Hildbrandt staff!

mispelled tattoo name

Number four goes to poor guy who “Spends 6 hours getting a tattoo, tattoo artist mispells his name.”

girl with dragon tattoo scene

Number three goes to Macaulay Culkin “Girl with Dragon Tattoo, you know which scene I’m talking about.”

colour portrait black

Number two goes to tattoo artist “Colour portrait? Only uses black.”

tattoo machine settings

Number one goes to an annoyed Boromir, “One does not simply mess with my tattoo machine settings.” Generated by yours truly! I swear it was a fair vote by the staff!

There was one last one that did not make it, well two actually, one is a legit one that didn’t make the cut:

best tattoo in the world

Poor guy, lucky inmates.  The other one was generated by us, not for comical value but for SHAMELESS SELF PROMOTION!

buy tattoo supplies hildbrandt

What tattoo supply company do you know can boast they sell tattoo supplies to The Most Interesting Man in the World?  Ha ha, just kidding, please don’t sue us Dos Equis!