josh Derish Tattoo

Josh Derish from Kamloops, BC, is a new tattoo artist that started out a little over a year ago.  We remember his name well as he is a regular contributor to our facebook page with constructive comments and pictures of his progression from an aspiring tattoo artist to a professional.  The pictures above of Beetlejuice and skull with pink bowtie are pictures he sent us when he first started on skin work.  From my understanding Josh practiced for 10 months before he attempted to do work on human skin, which is a respectable amount of time.  I must admit, from looking at his first works, I would say that he needed to work on his shading and line work.  He kept at it, slowly honing his skills and below are some pics of his more recent tattoos.

josh derish tattoo 2

josh derish tattoo 5

Hats off to you Josh for your steady progression.  The last picture of the flowers is our favourite, the fading in and out of colors really give the tattoo a fair degree of depth and character.  We are always happy to see how our customers are progressing in their career.  Thank you Josh for always supporting us and for sharing your work with us.