Here is a tattoo machine diagram with all parts identified. We used a Hildbrandt .444 Marlin for the picture, all our other machines are of a similar setup with the exception of the geometry. We get people calling and emailing us all the time that are unable to identify a part so we figured we may as well post this up for everyone. All classic Hildbrandts have 4 frame styles. These four styles are broken down to either liner or shader. The liners consists of the .44 Magnum, .357 Magnum, .30 Carbine and .22 Rimfire. You will notice that the frames on them are very similar with the exception of the frame face. The truth is before the frame is laser cut, bent to shape and the designs drilled, they are exactly the same. These 4 models are based on the same frame stock. The geometry of this compact frame is best suited for lining and that is why all our liners are based on this design. Our shader models, .444 Marlin, .38 Calibre, .44 Winchester and .223 Remington are made by laser cut by a single piece block of low carbon stainless steel. There are 2 face styles divided between these models. Although they may look quite different, the geometry of them are almost identical. This geometry allows for more space for the back spring and front spring from the contact screw position. This is best suited for the longer springs of shading tattoo machines.

Tattoo Machine Diagram