peter nguyen

Peter Nguyen is an amazingly talented artist from the Lower Mainland Area in BC.  These are pictures of tattoo designs created by him.   Many of his work is using free hand straight out of his imagination and talent.  We have such confidence in Peter as a tattoo artist that we have sent many of our close friends to him.  None of them have ever been disappointed by his tattoos.  We also value his advice and expertise and that is why he is one of the only go to guys to test new products and equipment that is not a part of the Hildbrandt crew.

I think a lot of people like Peter’s work because he is capable of taking a clients imagination described in words and translating this into art.  A quality that not all tattoo artists can do well.  Also, he is dedicated to maintaining a safe and clean work environment, all his tattoos heal well and safe.  His knowledge of different ink brands and how they heal is invaluable and contributes to how well his work turns out.  This is where experience comes into play in creating a professional tattoo artist.  Only through years of practice and sharing of information between other tattoo artists can one gain his encyclopedic knowledge of how certain inks heal, which inks need special attention to, what needle to use in a situation to give the desired effect and in what way to position or use the tattoo machine to ensure maximum effect.  This is the kind of experience and knowledge that separates the scratchers from a tattoo artist and it is reflected in the work.  He mainly likes using the Valsturd Hitman from our equipment and the pictures of his work in this post is done using the Hitman.  True to our word that a rotary machine can be made in a cost effective manner and still run well to produce great work.