Tattoo Contest!

Hildbrandt is holding a tattoo contest involving contestants creating videos of themselves laying ink using Hildbrandt tattoo machines. The contest rules are laid out further down on this page but the main gist of it is the contestant must use one of our machines, the video must link back to our website and be uploaded on to Youtube. The winner is chosen by facebook likes and number of views. The contest will end on May 28th and the winner will receive a grand prize of $1000!

Contestant Sam Plenderleith of Peterborough, Ontario Canada
Vote for his video here:

Contestant Charles Parent of To the Point Tattoo Shop, Surrey BC, Canada
Vote for his video here:

Bradley White of WC Skin Creations Tattoo Shop, Sooke BC, Canada
Vote for his video here:


Kat A. Tonic of Calgary AB, Canada
Vote for his video here:

Final Scores:

Sam Plenderleith
658 + 743 = 1401
Submit date May 18th 2011, 10 days in total
Average daily score = 140.1

Charles Parent
1 + 73 = 74
Submit date May 22nd 2011, 6 days in total
Average daily score = 12.3

Bradley White
228 + 350 = 578
Submit date May 24th 2011, 4 days in total
Average daily score = 144.5

Kat A. Tonic
474 + 461 = 935
Submit date May 25th 2011, 3 days in total
Average daily score = 311.7

Congratulations Kat A. Tonic for winning the Hildbrandt Video Contest!

Tattoo Contest Rules

1) Video must be original and made by the contestant
2) Video must clearly show the Hildbrandt machine or machines used at the beginning of the video
3) The video must link to our website in the video information
4) The video must be uploaded onto Youtube
5) The video title in Youtube must contain the words “Hildbrandt tattoo machine” or gun if contestant prefers

Participation Guidelines

1) Create video of you using 1 or more Hildbrandt machines laying ink from start to finish*
*the video itself does not have to cover the entire duration of the tattoo as that would be too long in some cases. The minimum acceptable length of the video is 5 minutes.
2) At the beginning of the video, clearly display the Hildbrandt machine or machines that will be used during the tattoo
3) Upload the video onto Youtube
4) Email us at and include the following in your email:

A) Your full name
B) Your email address
C) Your mailing address
D) Your telephone number
E) The link to the video you uploaded
F) Any comments you would like to include on your video page that we will create for you on our website

How the Winner is Chosen

We will create a new page on our website for all contestants with a link to their video. The winner’s score is chosen by the number of total views the video gets on Youtube and the number of Facebook likes the contestants page gets on our website. Since contestants will join this contest at different times before the contest end date of May 28th 2011, we have worked out a formula to level out the playing field for late comers. The score will be based on the average daily score, not for the total overall score. Although this will still give early contestants a slight edge, due to word of mouth, this will still give late comers to the contest a fighting chance to win.

Youtube Total Views – the number of views the video gets on Youtube can be found on the bottom corner of the video. Each view = 1 point
Facebook Likes – the number of Facebook likes the contestants page on our website gets from Facebook members. Each like = 1 point (this is where having a lot of friends comes in handy, spread the word on Facebook to your friends!)
Average Daily Score – the winner’s final score is based on the total number of Youtube views + Facebook likes divided by the total number of days the video has been uploaded.
Example: Contestant A has 160 views + 36 likes and has been on Youtube for 16 days. 160 + 36 / 16 = 12.25
Contestant B has 190 views + 79 likes and has been on Youtube for 26 days. 190 + 79 / 26 = 10.35

In this scenario, Contestant A wins.

Tattoo Contest Grand Prize is $1000

After the contest ends on May 28th, we will immediately mail out a company check to the winner of the contest. Good luck everyone!