Tattoo Pen Kits

The concept of the tattoo pen has taken the industry by storm! With the advent of the new tattoo needle cartridge system, we have finally moved into the future of tattooing.

Gone are the days of tuning and killing someone for messing with your coil spring tuning. Embrace the wonders of the future with a pen, or more aptly put a fat marker!

Selection of Tattoo Pen Kits

We carry a range of tattoo pen kits ranging from simple starter kits to complex professional setups. Our collection comprises of well thought out and well designed components. We provide a wealth of learning information together with these setups which are designed to educate the user. Please note that no book or dvd is a replacement for a real apprenticeship. The educational materials that are included with our tattoo kits for sale are meant to provide a foundation for learning. Tattoo equipment kits are a cost effective means to immerse a prospective artist to gain an understanding and technical know how on the equipment used in tattooing. By gaining an understanding and getting a feel for how these tools work, one can make an educated decision on whether or not this is a proper career path for themselves. Our kits have found homes in more than 50 countries worldwide. If you live abroad, contact us about international shipping, we ship to most locations worldwide.


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