Intenze Tattoo Ink on Sale!

Intenze Tattoo Ink for Sale! Authorized authentic distributor of Intenze tattoo ink. We carry black, grey, color, sumi, Mario Barth, Boris, Mark Mahoney & more

We are proud to announce that we now carry the full line of Intenze Tattoo Ink for Sale! We are an official Intenze brand distributor. Authenticity guaranteed or your money back! This brand is one of the most internationally recognized names of ink in the industry. It is owned and operated by world famous artist of the stars, Mario Barth. In addition to the full line of colors, black, grey, outline and shading sumi, we also carry all of this brands specialty artist series in single bottle and full on sets!

Intenze Individual Colors Tattoo Ink

We stock the full line of Intenze indvidual colors tattoo ink, that is correct, all 90 of them! Available on our website in 1oz, 2oz and 4 oz! Our ultra low shipping prices and our discount codes allow our customers to get the best deals on Intenze!

Intenze Black, Grey, Sumi, Shading and Artist Series

We carry the full line of specialty inks from Intenze which includes their black, tribal, grey, sumi, wash, shading and their full line of artist series. This includes such famous lines as Mario Barth Gold Label, Boris from Hungary, Zuper Black and Sumi, Mike DeMasi, Dragon Series, Bob Tyrrell and Mark Mahoney.

Shipping Costs

Take advantage of our ultra low shipping costs thus further reducing the cost per bottle for your ink. We at Hildbrandt know every last dollar counts when it comes to savings and that is why we charge such a reasonable rate with top-notch customer service!


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