Intenze Tattoo Ink, Bob Tyrell 1 oz

Bob Tyrell

Intenze Tattoo Ink, Bob Tyrell black and grey set. Advanced black & gray ink with special attention to mixing and contrasts. 1 oz size bottles.

Learn to tattoo like black and grey master Bob Tyrrell.

INTENZE has again collaborated with Bob Tyrrell to bring you the latest iteration of the Black and Grey ink. We’ve updated the original offering to include the newest Black and Grey tattooing innovations.

Better than anyone, Bob Tyrrell knows that working with the correct values leads to infinite possibilities. It’s how he’s redefined portrait work. Armed with his signature black and grey set, you’ll have the tools to blend, contrast, and create work that captures life with detail and clarity.  All our pigments are vegan, cruelty-free, and made in the USA.


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