Mike baxter tattoo designs

Good Ol’Mike is a regular here at Hildbrandt.  I’ve personally exchanged emails with the man on many occasions and so has our operations manager Richard.  The fellow always has an upbeat attitude and has become an invaluable contributor to sharing Hildbrandts name with other tattoo artists and aspiring artists.  He is also the inventor of the single spring, a genius creation from sheet metal that was cut and formed to become a single piece tattoo machine spring, see pictures of that here.  We were considering making a version of our own, we’ll get down to it one day.

We give the guy respect not only because of what he’s done for Hildbrandt but also for what he does around the world.  He is an active soldier in the US Army, last we spoke, based in Afghanistan where I suspect he is inking the rest of his company.  Hopefully your back in the US by now Mike, look forward to hearing from you again buddy.

Here are some pictures of tattoos he’s done that he posted on the Hildbrandt tattoo Facebook page.  I personally love the space monkey and give props to whoever it is tattooed on.  That is one hilarious looking monkey, stands out bold with vibrant colors, did you freehand that Mike?  Its got a Jetsons meets Lion King kind of look to it, hats off to your imagination.  Anyway, don’t know when your going to see this post Mike, check back with you soon buddy.