Here at Hilbrandt, we are incredibly passionate about bringing the best of the best to tattoo studios and artists around the world. We offer quick shipping and delivery to tattoo artists in Portland, Oregon and surrounding areas.

The Hilbrandt team operates with one goal in mind. We want to offer the best customer service possible, and we achieve this by utilising our immense experience, high quality warranty program and unique roster of products.


The Main Tattoo Supplies We Carry

If you are an artist working in Portland, you’ll be pleased to know that we’ve got heaps of high quality products on offer- including these key essentials;


Our Top Brands In Stock

Portland’s tattoo scene is full of incredible artists and tattoo brands. We’ve aimed to match this with our brand selection, and we are currently carrying these industry leaders;


The Oregon Tattoo Scene – Unique and Memorable

Having been a tattoo supplier for more than a decade, we had the pleasure of working with many tattoo artists from Oregon and have come to recognize the unique styles and themes popular in the state. Tattoos related to politics and state pride have gained popularity in recent years. In particular, tattoos inspired by the regional Pacific Northwest are definitely in style. 

Tattoos of landscape of mountain and coniferous trees are highly popular, and capture the essence of the beautiful outdoors in Oregon. Mount Hood, a volcano in Oregon, is highly recognizable and commonly found in landscape-themed tattoos. Sea lions, the ocean, and elaborate flowers have been a popular choice by many. Tattoo artists in Oregon also found ways to incorporate a Pacific Northwest theme into an outline of Oregon state. There’s no better way to show your state pride than to have it tatted on for everyone to see!

The creativity of tattoo artists in Oregon is definitely awesome and we always find it amazing how tattoo artists from different parts of the country find ways to express themselves. 


The History Of Hilbrandt

Whether you’ve been tattooing for a year or ten years, you are sure to have heard of Hilbrandt.

Two brothers created our brand – David & Mark Hildbrant. David was an apprentice with the iconic Malcom Eltry, at 64th Street Tattoos & Piercings. Unlike David, Mark was a goldsmith and metallurgy specialist- meaning he could work well with David’s machines.

This meeting of minds – combined with the fantastic marketing from Newton and the quality kept up by the Valsturd Tattoo Supply team – have marked Hilbrandt as being one of the most high quality brands in the game.

The team at Hilbrandt cut no corners when it comes to keeping customer experience standards high, and we are incredibly proud of the artists that we’ve been able to work with. 


Get In Touch With Our Team

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