Looking for Tattoo Supplies and Equipment in Victoria, BC? Yes We Ship Here!

Hildbrandt Tattoo Equipment and Supplies has been successfully serving its customers in Victoria, British Columbia, for over two decades. We take great pride in providing tattoo professionals with the top industry-recommended equipment to enable them to bring the highest quality of work to each of their valued clients. Our products ship quickly, ensuring rapid access for tattoo professionals in need of equipment or supplies in Victoria. For a high quality online retailer that is close to home, tattoo professionals can’t go wrong with Hildbrandt, your online tattoo equipment and supply store. 


Tattoo Culture in Victoria, British Columbia 

Victoria residents are embracing tattooing as an art form as never before. Today, it is an important means of personal expression, helping its bearer to share their interests, personality, tastes, and beliefs in a stunning and impactful visual display. Though once considered taboo in workplaces and schools, Victoria residents with tattoos are now able to enjoy wider acceptance of their chosen art form as tattoos have become more mainstream. 

Of primary concern to tattoo customers in Victoria is not only the quality of workmanship applied to their tattoo but also a strict adherence to proper health and safety standards. In recent years, prominent Victoria tattoo shops have worked in tandem with the Provincial Health Authority to develop and implement hygiene and safety protocols to prevent problems such as blood borne pathogens. Each facility undergoes regular inspections to ensure all equipment is properly sanitized, an important step in public safety. A vital part of this strategy for Victoria tattoo shops is the single use of all tattoo needles and tubes, a component that assists with preventing transmission of bacteria, pathogens, and disease. Hildbrandt Tattoo Equipment and Supplies partners with Victoria tattoo professionals to provide them with the tools required to provide beautiful, original work in a manner that is both healthy and safe. 


Getting a Tattoo in Victoria

Located in Western Canada, Victoria, a city which boasts of a population of more than ninety thousand people, is renowned for its friendly charm, carrying with it an air of promise and romance. With love in full bloom in this city, what better way to memorialize a relationship than with a one of a kind tattoo from an artist living and working in the place where it all began?

A region that is populated by people representing a wide range of ages, Victoria is a city that is full of innovation. This supportive, creative environment serves as inspiration to the tattoo professionals who make Victoria their home. We at Hildbrandt Tattoo Equipment and Supplies proudly assist these artists with procuring the high quality tools they need to bring their most vibrant and distinctive visions to life, playing a role in helping them to support a legacy of satisfied customers. 


Types of Tattoo Supplies & Equipment We Ship to Victoria

To ensure each of our valued Victoria clients is easily able to access the latest supplies and equipment for the tattoo industry, Hildbrandt stocks a wide variety of items from many different exceptional quality product lines including:


Due to the close proximity to our Canadian warehouse, our customers in Victoria enjoy fast shipping times for everything from tattoo machines to supplies. Same time zone also makes support and communication quick and easy. 


Notable Tattoo Machine Brands We Carry

Hildbrandt Tattoo Equipment and Supplies stocks many different premium quality tattoo machine brands to ensure our Victoria tattoo artists have access to a wide array of products to best meet their needs. Among the most notable brands we carry are:


History of Hildbrandt 

Hildbrandt Tattoo Equipment, a family business, was founded by two brothers. David first entered the industry when he apprenticed under renowned tattoo artist Malcolm Entry, the owner of the now closed 64th Street Tattoos and Piercing. His brother Mark came to the tattoo business from his work as a goldsmith, a seemingly unrelated industry. The brothers together discovered that many of the tools used in creating gold jewelry were also effective at refinishing and modifying tattoo machines. This discovery led to a fruitful partnership. A business that started in the family garage blossomed into a successful web store serving Victoria and many other cities in both Canada and the United States. Today, Hildbrandt is composed of a team of professionals who are passionate about helping other tattoo artists create and focus on their passion of making stunning tattoos. Hildbrandt is the leading choice for tattoo supplies and equipment of over 10,000 tattoo professionals. 

What sets Hildbrandt apart from other tattoo equipment and supply shops is its emphasis on high quality products available at a price point Victoria businesses can afford without sacrificing quality. Our company has stood the test of time; we believe this is in part due to our firm commitment to never cutting corners. This approach ensures our clients receive only the best tools and supplies to support their high quality work. HIldbrandt Tattoo Equipment and Supplies is a business built on passion. Our vision includes helping our Victoria clients achieve great success through world class tattoo work. 


Dear Victoria, Let’s Connect!

The team of professionals at Hildbrandt are always happy to make ourselves available to answer any questions you may have. Whether your business is based in Victoria or another city in Canada or the United States, our staff can easily be reached by emailing support@tattoomachineequipment.com or by phone at our toll free number 1-888-944-8841.