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Fast shipping, quality products, good prices are what we focus on when serving our customers in SF through our online store. Our products are takes about 2-3 business days to arrive to San Francisco. 

Hildbrandt Tattoo Equipment and Supplies provides tattoo professionals in San Francisco with the exceptional quality tools they need to produce their artistic masterpieces. Our products are available for purchase online with quick shipping through. If you’re looking for a wide selection of products at a fair price, Hildbrandt can deliver everything you need.  


Tattoo Culture in San Francisco, California

The tattoo industry has been alive and well in San Francisco for many years. Though many believed that tattooing was largely the interest of sailors and soldiers in the 19th century, research shows that San Francisco’s laidback attitude was a ripe breeding ground for this inked artform to thrive amongst all walks of life. A city renowned for being liberal and open minded, the art of tattooing was embraced as a means of expression for both the artist and the bearer of the ink. 

The first shop providing customized tattoo work was founded in San Francisco in 1974. This unique business known as Realistic Tattoo moved the art from simply copy work to individually designed pieces. This approach to tattoo work was brought to life in San Francisco Bay and blazed a trail for other American cities to follow. 

San Francisco is a city that prides itself on its acceptance of the unorthodox. Freedom and creativity are highly prized, and this attitude lay a great foundation for this new way of approaching the old art form of tattooing. 

Hildbrandt Tattoo Equipment and Supplies is pleased to provide tattoo artists in SF with the tools they need to continue to serve their valued clientele in this great city. 


Why Get a Tattoo from a Shop in San Francisco?

San Francisco, home of the famed Golden Gate Bridge, is a city that is rich in culture and beauty. It is here that the Beatles played their final concert and where Levi Strauss invented the clothing item that would later become the unofficial uniform of the casual look: blue jeans. 

With its perennially warm and sunny climate and its beatnik attitude that encourages creativity and freedom of expression, San Francisco is a city that is welcoming to all. A place that is alive with culture, San Francisco is the ideal spot to be inspired, making it a great place to get “inked” for the first time or even the 12th

Hildbrandt is pleased to serve tattoo artists and shops in San Francisco, a city of great artistry and innovation. Tattoo professionals can find all that they need to fuel their creativity at Hildbrandt Tattoo Equipment and Supplies. 


Types of Tattoo Supplies & Equipment We Carry

An artist needs a diverse set of tools to fuel their creativity. Hildbrandt stocks a wide array of products to ensure San Francisco tattoo professionals have access to everything they desire. 

Among the products we stock in our shop are:


Notable Tattoo Machine Brands We Carry

At Hildbrandt Tattoo Supplies and Equipment, we recognize that artists need quality tools to bring their artistic vision to life. We support them through partnering with the leading tattoo machine manufacturers to bring cutting edge tattoo equipment to San Francisco artists. 

Among the companies we work with are:


History of Hildbrandt 

David and Mark Hildbrandt founded their tattoo equipment and supplies company in a family garage over two decades ago. David brought to the company years of experience as a tattoo professional while Mark was able to provide goldsmithing skills to help develop and improve tattoo machines to function more efficiently. 

Hildbrandt believes that quality is key to providing beautiful and lasting tattoo artwork. We strive to remain at the forefront of industry development to provide our customers with the tools they need. 

The team of professionals at Hildbrandt are always happy to make ourselves available to answer any questions you may have. Whether your business is based in San Francisco or another city in the United States, our staff can easily be reached by emailing or by phone at our toll free number 1-888-944-8841.