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For decades, we have served many tattoo artists and professionals in Montreal Quebec through our online shop. Purchases typically arrive within 3-7 business days through Canada Post shipping.

Hildbrandt Tattoo Equipment and Supplies is a family founded company that has been serving tattoo professionals for over two decades. We take great pride in stocking our stores with equipment and tools of the highest quality to support tattoo artists in crafting exceptional work. We stock a wide variety of items in store and offer quick shipping at reasonable rates. For all of your tattoo equipment and supplies, you can’t go wrong with Hildbrandt!


Tattoo Culture in Montreal

Far from the landscape of multiple tattoo shops in the city today; in the 1960s, Montreal could only lay claim to one parlor. Located on lower Main Street, the business closed its doors in 1970, leaving this cosmopolitan city with no tattoo shop for several years. 

The main clientele of this early establishment was largely sailors. When interest in tattoos began to decline and a concerted effort was made to reform the city, it became necessary to close the business permanently. It is believed this shop was the only one in the province from 1959-1970.

In recent years, there has been a resurgence of popularity in tattooing in Montreal. A new trend has appeared in the city that actually traces it roots back several centuries: stick and poke tattooing. These tattoos are considered to be do it yourself; however, many popular tattoo parlors now offer this service. One of the defining characteristics of stick and poke tattoos is their ability to be done in very intricate detail to yield a sophisticated and elegant permanent image.

With its sophisticated charm and inspired artistry, Montreal is a great place to get inked. Hildbrandt is proud to provide their top quality supplies and equipment to tattoo artists living and working in this thriving cultural center.


Types of Tattoo Supplies & Equipment We Carry

Hildbrandt places a high emphasis on carrying a diverse product line to give Montreal tattoo artists a large selection of equipment and supplies to choose from. 

Among the products we carry are:


Notable Tattoo Machine Brands We Carry

Tattoo artists are distinctly unique in the tools they like to use to master their craft. To assist tattoo professionals, Hildbrandt Tattoo Equipment and Supplies works with a number of different manufacturers to bring the best tools to Montreal artists. 

Among the brands we carry are:


History of Hildbrandt 

A company founded by two brothers, Hildbrandt Tattoo Equipment and Supplies originated in a family garage. David, a skilled tattooist himself, laid the foundation for the business and was soon joined by his brother Mark, a goldsmith. The two brothers were able to combine their talents to refine and develop tattoo machines to yield instruments of exceptional quality. 

In only a few short years, this family business also created an online ship, serving thousands of tattoo artists across Quebec and Canada. The key to this growth is an enduring commitment to quality products and education to stay on top of the latest innovations in tattoo equipment and supplies. 

The team of professionals at Hildbrandt are always happy to make ourselves available to answer any questions you may have. Whether your business is based in Montreal or another city in Quebec or Canada, our staff can easily be reached by emailing support@tattoomachineequipment.com or by phone at our toll free number 1-888-944-8841.