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Hildbrandt Tattoo Equipment and Supplies has made it our mission to ensure tattoo professionals in Chicago have access to the latest and greatest tattoo equipment and tools to fuel their top tier tattoo work. Each product we sell is shipped with quick delivery to Chicago. Anyone looking for an honest and reliable tattoo machine supplier, Hildbrandt Tattoo Equipment and Supplies has everything you need. 


Tattoo Culture in Chicago, Illinois

The Windy City known as Chicago has a rich tattoo heritage. Its origins trace back to the city’s historic South State Street where at the height of tattooing’s popularity the street was lined with shops providing high quality “ink” work. Today, most of these shops have disappeared, but several do remain as a testament to the enduring legacy of tattoo not only on the body but also on the city itself. 

South State Street has been in existence from the beginning of the 20th century and spanned a distance of four blocks in total. The residents occupying the shop fronts all operated businesses considered to promote a typical “red light’ district. These included such places as flophouses, adult theatres, liquor stores, shooting galleries, arcades, and infamous and oft-frequented tattoo parlors. It is believed that from the early 1900s to as late as the 1960s several hundred tattoo artists made their living directly on this famous Chicago street. Their main clientele in these days were sailors who spent their days working on the Great Lakes Naval Base found just outside the city limits. Working class men also frequented these shops in search of a unique stamp to call their own. 

In recent years, tattoo shops have moved from the shadows of the red light district into more prominent and affluent Chicago areas. As tattooing became a more mainstream way of life, so too did the Chicago customer base broaden to include people from all walks of life as well as both genders. Hildbrandt Tattoo Equipment and Supplies are proud to provide the tattoo artists of Chicago with the tools they need to continue this great artistic tradition in the Windy City. 


Why Get a Tattoo from a Shop in Chicago?

Chicago, the third largest city in the United States, is often affectionately referred to as the Windy City. This populous center takes its name from the cold winds that dust across Lake Michigan and infiltrate the city with a bitter chill. 

Chicago is a city that attracts a diverse group of people. Tourism is one of its main attractions, drawing millions of visitors annually to explore its famous Magnificent Mile, a street riddled with elite luxury boutiques, sophisticated eateries and cafés, and a pulsating social culture. 

A beautiful space sometimes referred to as a city in a garden, Chicago lays claim to over 600 public parks, 29 beaches, and 26 miles of lakefront property to explore, making it a haven for the outdoor enthusiast on the hunt for adventure. But Chicago is far more than just a place to get in some exercise or enjoy the great outdoors, the city is alive with rich foodie culture and lays claim to more than 7,300 restaurants of which 7 have been awarded the prestigious AAA Diamond designation, 26 of them are Michelin-starred, and 40 of them have received the James Beard Award.  


Sports fans know that Chicago is a hip and happening place to be. The city is renowned for having invented the game of softball in 1837. Among its most famous sports teams are the Chicago White Sox, the Chicago Cubs, the Chicago Black Hawks, and the Chicago Bulls. 

Culture also reigns supreme in this cosmopolitan center, providing inspiration for tourists, residents, and tattoo artists alike. There are over 200 professional dance studios housed within the city limits including the famous Joffrey Ballet. There is also a thriving culture of music and live theatre to be enjoyed during a visit to Chicago. 

With such an exciting city as a backdrop, many people flock to Chicago to receive a permanent artistic impression on their skin by one of the city’s leading tattoo artists. Hildbrandt is pleased to partner with the tattoo professionals living and working in the great Windy City to provide them with the top tier tools and supplies they need to craft great artistic masterpieces on the skin to the perfect satisfaction of their discerning clientele. 


Types of Tattoo Supplies & Equipment We Carry

We at Hildbrandt recognize that an artists’ tools are as unique as the artist himself. To this end, we stock a wide variety of supplies and equipment to help each tattoo professional find precisely what they need. 

Among the products we carry are:


Notable Tattoo Machine Brands We Carry

Hildbrandt Tattoo Equipment and Supplies places a high emphasis on partnerships with only the best quality tattoo machine manufacturers to ensure top shelf tools for our Chicago clients. 

The most well known brands we stock include:


History of Hildbrandt 

Founded by the two Hildbrandt brothers David and Mark, Hildbrandt Tattoo Equipment was a family company in every sense of the word. David was the pioneer in this emerging business, beginning by apprenticing under the popular and well-respected tattoo artist Malcolm Entry. Later, Mark entered the field, bringing to their company a background in goldsmithing, a career that greatly benefited the brothers’ work refining and modifying tattoo machines to yield a better product. 

A small family-run business that began in a humble garage soon grew to an online store with a US warehouse. Today, Hildbrandt Tattoo Equipment and Supplies is a proud supplier of tattoo artists, shops and professionals throughout North America. 

Hildbrandt is not your typical tattoo equipment and supplies store. We make it our top priority to provide only the very best quality tools to our valued Chicago customers. However, excellent tools have little value if they are too expensive for tattoo artists to purchase them. To this end, we work hard to keep our prices reasonable, so that tattoo professionals can access all that they need for their businesses to succeed. 

The team of professionals at Hildbrandt are always happy to make ourselves available to answer any questions you may have. Whether your business is based in Chicago or another city in the United States, our staff can easily be reached by emailing support@tattoomachineequipment.com or by phone at our toll free number 1-888-944-8841.