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Here at Hildbrandt Tattoo Equipment & Supplies, we know the importance of having the best tools for the job. We’re proud to offer key tattoo supplies and premium tools to help our audience make stunning artwork.

We sell our products online, all around the world. We work heavily with Canada and America, with two of our warehouses in Burnaby, BC and Point Roberts, WA. This helps to ensure a quick shopping experience.

We’re dedicated to helping our audience find the best products possible, and we’re proud of what we offer. Our premium standard of customer service, warranty program and decades of experience in the industry help us to make the shopping experience smooth and enjoyable.


Serving Customers In Toronto Looking For Tattoo Supplies

Hildbrandt is proud to offer the best tattoo equipment and studio solutions for anyone in the Toronto area looking to improve their studio experience this year.

Toronto has an incredibly rich tattoo and body modification scene, so we wanted to make sure that our online services met this demand as much as possible. As anyone who has been to the city knows, the tattoo market is saturated with plenty of unique studios and shops.

This incredible city plays host to some brilliantly talented artists. One of the most notable things that’s happened in Toronto tattooing is the push for more diversity and inclusivity.

Artists in Toronto are pushing to remove myths surrounding tattoos for people of color, which is incredible. Art is for everyone, and tattoo artists should be striving for this.

No matter what kind of tattoo it is that you’re looking for, you’re bound to find a fantastic artist in Toronto. Toronto’s studios cover many styles- from American Traditional to blackwork.

Is it any wonder that Toronto has such a vast tattoo scene with a population of 6,197,000 people? Toronto’s artist scene and retail scene work perfectly in tandem together.


Types Of Tattoo Supplies We Carry

If you’re an artist in Toronto, we’re sure to have the perfect supplies for you. On our website, you’ll be able to find;


Notable Brands In Stock

One of the best things about the tattoo scene in Toronto is that there are plenty of wonderful brands to work with as an artist. The key tattoo brands that we carry include;


The History Of Hildbrandt 

As many artists in Toronto may already know, our brand was created by two brothers, David & Mark Hildbrant. David was an apprentice with Malcom Eltry at 64th Street Tattoos & Piercings. Mark was a goldsmith who had an impeccable understanding of metallurgy, contributing to David’s tattoo machines.

This collaboration led to the Hildbrant name being associated with premium quality and customer experience. Our staff are dedicated to what they do, and you’re sure to find the perfect products you need shopping with us today.


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Do you have any questions about our tattoo equipment for Toronto? If so, feel free to drop us an email at or call us on our toll-free line, 1-888-944-8841 today. We’d be happy to answer any questions you may have.