Setting up a Shader Tattoo Machine / Gun

Shader: Setup to maximize the amount of coverage with the least amount of needle to the skin. This setup is for shading in color and layout transitions. Usually a shader is setup to run rounds. Shader machines are characterized by a longer front spring for a softer stroke, wider gap between front spring and contact screw contact point. Generally runs slower than a liner.

Setting up Shader: Hold down the armature against the coils. The stroke (space between contact screw and armature bar) length for shading should be long and slow. The setup needs to maximize the amount of area it can ink with the least amount of stress on the skin. Adjust the contact screw so the tip is approximately a nickel thickness away from the contact point of the front spring. This is the starting point, different jobs will require slightly different setups, see what works for you.

By David H.