Robbie posted up a picture of his customized Hildbrandt .44 Magnum liner on our facebook page and we figured we’d share it on our blog. A minimalist customization on the surface with a touch of flair with the dice contact screw which leads me to believe Robbie likes to make a trip to the Casino every now and then.  I can also see that those coils are not the standard Hildbrandt liner coils that come stock, what coil wrap and capacitor are you running with this one Robbie?  The front spring, although the angle is a bit hard to see, definitely looks longer than the stock front spring that the .44 Magnum comes with.  customized Hildbrandt Tattoo machine

Love the retro 80’s look of the power supply, is that one from Baltimore Street Irons or is that just a logo sticker you put on it?  I also see a lot of Intenze and Eternal tattoo ink in the background there, both excellent brands that mingle well together for a tat.  Kuro Sumi, excellent choice for outlining.  Hope your shop is doing well Robbie, do drop in more often with some of your work!  Love to see more of it.