We are now stocking the entire line of Radiant Colors Tattoo Ink. We have a total of 44 colors to choose from. Radiant Colors Tattoo Ink is known for their brilliant colors that are very easy to use. The ink simply flies right into the skin. Radiant Colors has had a long history of producing excellent inks that are made in the USA. An extremely popular brand in Mexico.

The Radiant Colors Tattoo Ink line features some of the easiest to use tattoo inks available on the market. The tribal black is a favorite among the colors available. Radiant also makes an very wide range of blues and reds. Radiant is a brand of tattoo ink that has one of the most diverse amount of shades available in many different color formats. We currently stock 44 of those colors, if a special color is required, we can certainly get it specially ordered.

Radiant Colors Tattoo Ink Set

As with all tattoo inks, Radiant Colors should be used by professionals on human skin. We strongly suggest that anyone that is serious about going into the tattoo trade, get an apprenticeship at a reputable tattoo shop before ever doing skin-work on the general public.

Radiant Colors Tattoo Ink is currently selling for $4.99 per color on our website. We also have the Radiant Colors 7 Color 1/2 set that comes with some of our tattoo kits for $19.99 for the set. We currently only stock the 1oz size bottles, if another size is required, we can have a custom order made for you but will take up to 2 weeks for receiving.