Just snap, let flow and apply! The easy way, with no touch, no mess, and no over application, with new X-Pressions® Swabs.  Dermatologist tested formula!

CPC- MSM Complex formula, is advanced, safe and non-toxic. X-pressions Swabs aftercare contains Cet-C a powerful anti-bacterial and anti-microbial. Most antiseptics of this type are mouthwashes, which contain alcohol that may cause painful stinging on open wounds.  However,  X-pression contains no alcohol or sodium, instead it contains a pleasant flavoring, which provides for no bitter aftertaste, stinging or burning.  This product is conveniently packaged in a portable, plastic case containing a total of 24 medicated swabs.

Each X-pressions Swabs Aftercare Packet contains:

Cetylpyridinium Chloride and Dimethyl Sulfone: CPC-MSM Complex
CPC-MSM Complex is a mixture of the following: CPC (cetylpyridinium Chloride used in “Tech 2000”, “Zytex”, “Cepacol”, etc.)
Glycerin: Humectant
Flavor: Peppermint Flavor to minimize bitter taste
Purified Water – Distilled Water: Carrier

Usage Directions:

Hold the applicator with the color ring end pointing upwards.
Gently snap the tip with the color ring.
Keep the tip with the color ring upward and allow the formula to flow down to the opposite tip.
Apply formula to applicable area. Dispose after use.

Product Cod: TGXPRPRC