World Famous Tattoo Ink 12 Color Primary Set 3

World Famous Tattoo Ink was developed from the experience and expertise of world famous tattoo artists. These amazing inks are made with a proprietary formula that combines the highest quality inks with the solid, core viscosity of every color. Enhance your wor with these inks to make it bolder and brighter than ever before. These bright, bold and beautiful inks will amplify any tattoo artists’ work and that is why they are being used by the most sought-after artists around the world.

Contains zero animal products
Tamper proof label; crystal-flex bottle with twist cap
Sterilized with gamma radiation
Manufactured in New York, USA

Set Includes: Sailor Jerry Red, Bora Bora Peach, Golden Gate, Einstein Blue, Revolution, Liberaci Red, Everglades Green, Caribbean Sea, Dubai Gold, White House, Galpygos Green, and Leaning Tower of Purple available in 1 oz.

All World Famous inks are vegan-friendly. They are sterilized with gamma radiation and bottled in crystal-flex bottles. Each bottle has a secure twist cap and a tamper-resistant, waterproof label.