Disposable Tattoo tube with 1″ (25mm) rubber grip packed in boxes of 20.  Single-use sterilized disposable piece packaged in a sealed blister pack packaging.  An economical method of maintaining a professional workspace without the time and cost needed to autoclave everything.

The safety of disposable tattoo tubes has been well established in the industry. There was a time when all equipment had to be sterilized with an autoclave. This process was time-consuming and not always 100% effective. For example, tattoo needles should only be single use as even autoclaved needles may have minute amounts of bacteria and viruses. Disposable tubes are sterilized by Ethylene oxide or EO gas.

Sterilization of Tattoo Tubes Grips with Ethylene Oxide Gas

Ethylene oxide gas, also known as EO gas is used to sterilize tattoo tubes and other disposable tattoo supplies. EO gas treatment is carried out between 30 degrees and 60 degrees celcius. This gas is used to sterilize many plastics, optics and electrics. Treatment with EO gas usually lasts for at least 3 hours. The gas penetrates all materials well and is highly effective in killing all known viruses, bacteria and fungi. This gas is widely used for medical equipment manufacturers for the large scale sterilization of medical utensils and products.