Tattoo Skin Scribe Pen Marker with dual tip, in black color. Utilizes prep resistant ink that is smudge resistant. These pens are specifically for skin marking purposes, used in the medical, dental and tattoo industry. Product code TPENBLK, TPENBLK5.


Skin Scribe that is Prep Resistant

This is a skin scribe that is prep resistant; it will not easily smudge or wipe off easily. To remove, we recommend a mixture of green soap and water. Do not use regular markers for the purpose of drawing free hand, it is unlikely they will be effective.

Pen For Tattoo

This is a pen that is used for tattoo or drawing tattoo purposes. The ink is specially designed for marking on human skin. Not all pens are made to be used in this way, for example, if you use a regular bic pen, it is likely the ink will not show up well and it will be prone to rubbing off. Only use markers that are made for use on humans when you are going to free hand draw.