Tattoo machine alignment adjustment tool.  This handy little tool will allow you to align your front spring, armature bar and back spring so that it is aligning directly to the hole where the tube inserts.  This is critical to having a machine run properly.  Simply insert the tube end piece through the tube vise until the indented tip of the tube end piece is level with the nozzle of the armature bar.  Using the indented tip as the center, adjust the front spring, armature bar and back spring accordingly to achieve a perfect alignment.  This tool will fit all standard size frames that use standard tubes.  In addition to serving as a guide to ensure everything is lining up correctly, the tough grip and solid construction allows you to hand bend frames into better geometry.  If you find that your tube goes in a bit slanted to one side and want to correct it, simply tighten the vise with this tool inserted and use a table for leverage, bend in the direction of the correction.  Do this for minor adjustments only and be very careful when you bend, we are not responsible for any damage to your frame as a result of over bending!  Product code TMAT