Kuro Sumi grey wash shading tattoo ink in a 6 oz bottle. An excellent brand that is made with strict safety standards in Japan. Ideal for any kind of shading job. Product code: KSS6


Kuro Sumi Tattoo Ink for Shading

Kuro Sumi is a popular brand of grey wash tattoo ink that is excellent for shading. Professionals from all over the world can attest to how well this stuff goes in. This is a shading ink that flows effortlessly and heals beautifully.

Importance of Black and Grey Shading Tattoo Ink

Black and grey shading with any kind of tattoo ink takes a bit of effort to get right. The difference between shading done well compared to shading done bad will be most apparent in how well the tattoo turns out. Shading is what gives the work depth, mood and feel. Achieving these differences in tones can be accomplished by mixing diluting agents like Witch Hazel or alcohol. The way you hold the tattoo machine and the technique used can make a great impact on how things turn out.

Creating Tones on Skin with Black and Grey Tattoo Ink

Creating tones on the skin with black or grey tattoo ink is achieved by carefully adjusting your machine during shading. Lifting and pulling the machine will give a nice feathered look that will allow for multiple toning layers. Always keep in mind that the tattoo will look darker than what it will heal to. It is always best to wait a few weeks for it to heal before adding more shading. Better to have too little shading that you can add to instead of getting to a point of no return.