.Tattoo Goo is used for tattoo aftercare. This all natural formula is made with high grade oils, emollients and herbal ingredients. The all natural ingredients of this salve help to nurture your tattoos and piercings so that they heal properly. This brand is among the most trusted in the industry that is recommended by professional artists. This product is tested and certified by professionals to work better than other similar after care products on the market. Comes in a set of the 0.75 oz and the 0.33 oz tin container.

Product code: TG101

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Tattoo Goo After Care is not just for Healing

Tattoo Goo has been formulated for after care healing and to benefit the ink on your skin for its “lifetime”. Some of the ingredients are in there to help preserve and even restore the ink colors of your piece. This stuff can be used for every day skin care. Use it to sooth the skin from sunburns, minor cuts and scrapes.

Time Tested Tattoo Lotion

This product has been used for over 50 years and is a time tested tattoo lotion. Although it has only been made available to consumers since 1998, which is a long time already, the ingredient combination in this lotion has been safely used by professionals for over 50 years.

Proper Usage of this Aftercare Product

Proper usage of this aftercare product is essential in maximizing its potential to help you heal your ink. Apply this product regularly and ensure ample time for it to absorb well into the skin. Use it for several days even after the healing is complete to ensure the skin is nourished with its health promoting ingredients.