This Sharps container is a 1 quart size (1 liter) and is large enough to hold entire standard size tattoo needles and other hazardous material. Sharps containers are used to safely store biological waste to prevent harm to yourself and others. Disposal of these units should adhere to the bylaws of your municipality. These comes with a locking plastic lid that locks in place via extra strong tabs when the lid is applied. The waste is put into the lid via the pop open lid that is not a part of the permanent locking mechanism. We also stock a 2 quart size as well, see our other items! Product Code: SC1L

Safety Tips

Safety Tips for Sharps Container used in Tattoo

We are including some safety tips for sharps container used in tattoo shops to do a little bit of harm prevention. These containers are designed to be single use, never attempt to reopen the sealed lid and try to wash it. Each municpality will have their own bylaws on how to properly dispose of biological wastes so make sure you check with your city hall on how to do so without getting in any trouble. Always insert needles pointy edge first. When the unit is full, close the lid properly and ensure there are no pointy edges sticking out when you snap it on tight.