Shadink Colorful New School & Watercolor Tattoo Ink Set in 1oz consists of Black, Absinthe, Shamrock, Bumble Bee, Clementine, Imperial Red, Flamingo, Fushia, Orchid, Sapphire, Iceberg & Really White.

New School = Intensely vivid tones, eye catching characters, rounded shapes, and cartoonish concepts make New School tattooing a highly animated aesthetic that pulls from many different places for its style. With foundations in American Traditional, Neo Traditional, as well as anime, manga, video games, and comic arts, there are few things this style does not borrow from. In this guide, we look at the origins, stylistic influences, and artists that make up this incredibly saturated New School tattooing aesthetic.

Watercolor =  Fine art that has inspired its stylistic creation, Watercolor tattoos are usually beautiful, organic, graceful plays of color that use the skin as a canvas. Rather newly founded, the trend has since seen a lift due to artists that continue to push the aesthetic, methods, and concepts to new heights of ingenuity. In this guide, we research the origins, techniques, and artists most often found within the Watercolor style. We also examine the issue of healing and aging of fluid color pieces.

Shadink Tattoo Ink has been making huge waves in the tattooing world with their amazing color portrait & black & gray style inks. You may have noticed them in many East Coast Tattoo Conventions, their artists win many contests and their booth is always buzzing with artists.

We love this ink because it embodies the spirit of the modern tattoo artist finding its claim in an ever changing industry that has evolved so much in recent decades. The brand does not aim to be everything at once, it has found its place and it has perfected itself for the professional artist.

Developed by experienced tattoo industry veterans in Canada and made in the USA, Shadink is truly a North American Brand. Their impressive ProTeam of Tattoo Artists work are featured on their Instagram and Facebook pages. Registered with Health Canada, these inks are cruelty free, sterile and vegan friendly.

In the Details

* Amazing Portrait & BG Style ink
* Used by award winning artists
* Developed in Canada & Made in the USA
* Impressive ProTeam of talented artists
* Sterilized, vegan friendly and cruelty free