Our Red Heavicord, 8.5′ long silicone clip cord is extremely light weight and is made of silicone.  The benefits of making a wire with this material is that it will not get tangled.  Feel free to throw your tattoo machine around with this clip cord attached, it will not get entangled!  (Just kidding, throwing your tattoo machine around with or without a cord attached is generally a bad idea.)  The durable soft silicone is designed to last, this product comes with our standard 6 month warranty!  When you pull the phono plug out of a power supply do not pull from the wire, pull from the metal housing, if you pull from the wire, it may stretch the wire or even worse, cause the soldered connectors in the phono plug to break.  This clip cord is 8.5 feet long, has a 1/4″ phono plug and will fit all standard power supplies.  Product code: HRCLIP