The classic Radiant Colors Artists Select 63 Color 1oz Set is comprised of the most popular colors of the Radiant Colors line, these colors are the go-to colors for artists that use Radiant Colors.  This set comes with Aquamarine, Baby Pink, Banana, Candy Red, Blue, Bright orange, Brown, bubblegum pink, Camel, Canary Yellow, Celestial, Cherry, Chocolate, Coffee brown, Copper, Poppy Orange, Corn, Country Blue, Dark Brown, Dark Green, Dark Red, Deep Burgundy, Deep Green, deep Pink, flesh, Fuschia, Golden Yellow, Grape, Gray, Indigo, Lavender, Leaf Green, Lemon Yellow, Light Red, Lilac, Lime Green, Lite Green, Magenta, Mauve, Medium Green, Midnight Blue, Mixing White, Navy Blue, Nugget, Olive, Pale Flesh, Honey, Royal Blue, Salmon, Scarlet Red, Sienna, Sky Blue, Slate Blue, Steel Blue, Super White, Teal, Tiger Orange, Tomato, Tribal Black, Turbo Black, Wineberry Violet, Yellow Ochre.