The Pulse Crossdrive power supply is a versatile, powerful and user-friendly device. The super-responsive touch screen buttons are made of an easy to clean & bag glass material that is similar to smartphone screens.

The Crossdrive features a dual liner and shader output that can be switched with the press of a button. Hook up your favorite liner and shader and run them without haveing to switch out cables and re-bag. Time your sessions with the built-in timer with easy to use 1 button control to start, reset and end. Tired of using the foot pedal? Press the START button to turn on the auto power function that will run your machine at the current-voltage setting nonstop until you end it.

Power unit has an input of 100-240V 1.5A – 50/60HZ and an output of 19V = 2.1A. The bright LED illuminated screen shows increment adjustments of 0.1v (shows as 100 per 0.1v).

Product Code: PWP300