The A Pound of Flesh Tattooable Lucky Ducky is molded from a real-life rubber duck. Tattoo this iconic object and attract the eyes of potential new clients. The Tattooable Lucky Ducky has a bright yellow tattooable surface, which also helps attract new clients. Its life-like curvature makes it great for practicing palm-sized works. 

  • Tattooable canvas molded from a real rubber ducky 
  • Bright yellow in color 
  • Life-like in size and shape 
  • Manufactured from silicone and rubber-based materials 
  • Apprentices and beginners can practice tattooing techniques 
  • Professionals can use as a 3D portfolio or canvas to try new equipment and techniques 


  • Small Ducky: 3.5″ (L) x 3″ (W) x 3″