Kuro Sumi Medium Bronze Shading Tattoo Ink in 6 oz bottle.  Kuro Sumi Medium Bronze Shading Ink gives a slightly darker bronze hue to your tattoos than soft bronze. It will look similar to sepia tone photograph.

Product code: KSMB6

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Kuro Sumi for Grey Wash Tattoos

Kuro Sumi has many different shading inks used for grey wash tattoos. This is a brand that is world famous in producing excellent shades that blend and tone easily to the piece you are doing. Kuro Sumi also features specialty hues like bronze which produces a sepia tone in your shading or cherry which produces a reddish tint to your shading.

Kuro Sumi is a True Black Tattoo Ink

Not many brands can boast it but Kuro Sumi is indeed a true black tattoo ink. This stuff goes on true black, heals true black and stays true. This is in contrast to other crappier brands that may go on okay but heals and fades into some odd tint of blue or green. Do you really want your client to come back at you a few years down the road complaining about how his outline faded into a blue mess?

Kuro Sumi as a Tribal Black Tattoo Ink?

Can Kuro Sumi be used as a tribal black tattoo ink? Most artists will agree that this product excels at outlining and would use something like Talens or Dynamic Black for tribals. However, since Kuro can heal so dark, it too should be usable for tribal work as long as you do not dilute it at all.