Kuro Sumi 3 bottle tattoo ink set.  Comes with the main Kuro Sumi outlining and shading inks that have made this brand become world famous.  This kit comes with Outlining in 6 oz size, Gray Wash in 6 oz size, Soft Grey Wash in 6 oz size.  With this three combo pack you will be able to mix and create all kinds of different shades of black and gray as you see fit.  Product Code: KSLSET

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Kuro Sumi Inks are the Best Black Tattoo Ink

It may be a bold statement to state but Kuro Sumi inks are the best black tattoo ink on the market. Professional artists and old school artists that have tried it, stick with it. This stuff, despite being true black, is not thick like other brands and therefore also goes in the skin easily. This brand also heals dark and stays dark, unlike other brands that may heal dark but fade into blue or some other strange tint a few years later.

What Ingredients are in Black Tattoo Ink?

Black tattoo inks from different manufacturers have varying ingredients. In general, blacks have the least chance of having allergic reactions in comparison to colors. This is because there are many inert materials used to make this color that are available like carbon, minerals, etc. that will not give people any reactions. Some of the most common ingredients found are carbon, wustite, magnetite crystals, logwood, powdered jet and bone black. These components comprise the pigment of the ink, in addition to the pigment; you would need a liquid suspension as a carrier for the pigment. Common suspensions include water, alcohol, witch hazel and glycerin.