INTENZE Tattoo Ink was created by the legendary tattoo artist, Mario Barth. A brand known for its huge selection of colors that go in easy, heal true & stays true.

Because Artists Deserve the Best
If you’re putting it in your clients’ skin, the Intenze team is putting it in theirs first. Safety, quality, and simplicity. That is how this ink is created and their formula for success.

Customer and client safety is the top priority. This is what drove Intenze to become the first tattoo ink manufacture and independently sterilize their inks. It is why their patented tamper free cap was designed.  Tattoo safety is INTENZE’s primary objective at all times.

Vegan and Cruelty-Free

From the start INTENZE has made it’s mission to make tattooing and the world better. We are proudly the first 100% Vegan ink and have never tested on animals. Mario Barth believes so fully in this mission that he personally tests each new ink on himself. In 2016 Intenze partnered with PETA to create the PETA Color set. 100% of it’s proceeds going to fighting animal abuse.


Our #1 priority is the safety and effectiveness of our products. This is why we sterilize all of our inks through a 3rd party sterilization facility.

INTENZE is a leader in tattooing health standards, operating an ISO 9001:2015 manufacturing facility.  This ink is sterilized through a 3rd party sterilization facility.