This is a hand made Coffin Tattoo Foot Pedal, made out of solid stained oak wood, aluminum base and a real custom telegraph key, by Notorious Arc. Finished with an US dollar double eagle gold coin. Utilizing thick high capacity cables with a total length of 6 1/2 feet with a gold plated DC plug.

Do you lean more towards the darker side of things? Then this Coffin tattoo foot switch is a must! This tattoo foot pedal is 100% hand made in the USA. All Notorious Arc tattoo foot pedals come with a limited Life Time Warranty. The base of this piece is made of aluminum with stained/sealed solid oak wood placed over that. There are 5 rubber feet on the bottom to prevent unwanted movement. The switch is a custom made telegraph key that operates on two sealed ball bearings. Cable length is 6 1/2 feet with a ¼” gold plated phono plug, which is hand soldered and double insulated. These pedals are very stable, reliable, and unique. These pedals are built with the intention of being used, and abused because they will!

Product code: NARCOFFE